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Painting’s donation to the Museum of Jewish Heritage of New York


Caretto&Occhinegro gallery is glad to announce the donation of a painting to the Museum of Jewish Heritage of New York. The official act of donation has been on February 8, 2017. The painting represent “A Young Man as Bacchus” and was realized by the dutch artist Jan Franse Verzijl probably in 1630.

The donation is the consequence of a collaboration between Caretto&Occhinegro and the FBI, into a larger project who include a series of art’s restitutions with the intent to reconstruct the collection of Max Stern.

The “Max Stern Art Restitution Project” was established by the executors and university beneficiaries of the Max Stern Estate. An official announcement outlining the initiation of the project and its goals was made on April 28, 2005. The “Max Stern Art Restitution Project” was not initiated only to find missing works. Rather, it was also created as an incentive to motivate governments, museums, collectors and the art trade towards resolving injustices caused by Nazi cultural policies.

During the researches about the painting by Verzijl, who was regulary purchased by Caretto& Occhinegro, the gallery discovered the past history of the painting, from whose provenance emerged that once the dutch painting was property of Max Stern.

For this reason, Caretto&Occhinegro choosed to collaborate with FBI in order to help the “Max Stern restituition project”, fully convinced of a way of work “ethical” and sensitive to the historical and social issues.

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