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Flemish Spring

16. 04. 2022 – 10. 09. 202

Antonello Colonna Resort

Via di Valle fredda 52, 00030, Labico (RM)

The seventeenth century marks the most intense and shining season in Flanders under the banner of a cultural and artistic development. The city of Antwerp, an ante litteram New York, became the place of international election for trade, business, politics and the art market. The artists, organized in specialized, produced works all united by that vibrant, electric and imaginative style thanks to which Flemish painting was able to carve out an autonomous, specific and unmistakable role.

The exhibition, therefore, aims to offer a multifaceted and comprehensive walk through Flemish Baroque painting, its themes and its authors. The Resort’s exhibition space will be the ideal setting: after the success of “Apeiron”, the exhibition with which Colonna and Caretto & Occhinegro started their common project last year, the choice now is to celebrate the return to spring through Art . A rebirth in that Rome which, during the Baroque period, became a second home for Flemish painters who were inspired by the Lazio landscape and the glories of Italian greatness to improve their art: Jan Brueghel the Elder and his son Jan the Younger, Martin Ryckaert, Frans Francken, Pieter Pourbus and many others.


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