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From 12.12.2021 until 12.01.2022

Antonello Colonna Resort in Labico (Rome) for the exhibition:

“Whence things have their origin; Thence also their destruction happens, According to necessity; For they give to each other justice and recompense For their injustice In conformity with the ordinance of Time.”

This is how Anaximander defined ἀπείρων, ápeiron, over two thousand years ago, at the very origins of Western philosophy.

Origins, indeed, of a project conceived as a path of knowledge in four acts a union of place and contents where the ideal “womb” for the birth of this will be precisely the exhibition space in which Antonello Colonna will host -from this moment onwards- the Caretto & Occhinegro Gallery.

Four paintings, between 1480 and 1530. Vision and symbol of different elements, in struggle and bond with each other, from the dawn of creation to the achievement of the perfect Man during Renaissance. Religion, esotericism, historical conflicts, with a particular interest in the relationship between human and divine,a central theme in the world of the Old Masters and in the European culture of the sixteenth century. A process that will allow the paintings to speak freely to the environment to express its visual power to the protagonists to think without filters. A Manifesto of cultural conception, the project is the first of a series that will constitute our regular presence, every season, in this unique location. The resort has a limited number of rooms – reserved for you into the dates you will indicate to us – and which you can use as our welcome guests. Between the proposals of the Michelin’s restaurant and the private SPA, you will enjoy our paintings and the glorious historical and natural heritage around the resort, with gemstones places such as Villa Adriana, the Gardens of Ninfa, rather than Rome itself, in just 15-30 minutes by car.


TEFAF - Maastricht 2022, 24.06.2022 | 30.06.2022

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