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“Flashback. All Art is Contemporary” 2016.

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FLASHBACK is the exhibition dedicated to ancient and modern art which takes place in Turin in the month of November in the name of the imperative: All Art is Contemporary.

FLASHBACK hosts the best ancient and modern art galleries with the highest quality, which, selected on the basis of the importance of the exhibited artworks, represent change, transformation and originality.

Art, like any social phenomenon, is not a natural datum, but a phenomenon built in history and through practices. FLASBACK represents a new way of thinking and practice ancient and modern art. We believe in the necessity of a general readjustment of the public taste, a fundamental change to trigger a systematic renewal of the way of looking at and thinking about historical art.

The challenge of FLASHBACK is to participate to the generation of a new, younger, collector, more eclectic and trasversal, but mainly educated collectorship. The knowledge and quality of the artwork make the Collector the one who is the least afraid of the market cycles.

FLASHBACK, on the other hand, does not forget rather underlines the role of the gallerist, the function of the art dealer is essential for the spreading and trasmission of knowledge to the large public as well as for the creation and formation of new generations of collectors and art historians.

Authors that we have presented: Joos van Cleve, Abraham Bosschaert, Gillis Mostaert, Sebastian Vrancx, Pieter Neefs, David Teniers, Denis van Alsloot.

We chose to combine the works with the Hill House Chair, a masterpiece designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect, designer and one of the leading exponents of the English Art Nouveau.

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