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Brueghel in Bologna. 150.000 visitors

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The exhibition “Brueghel. Masterpieces of Flemish Painting” in Bologna, is just finished yesterday. An exhibition in which we participated with the loan of several works and technical advice.

The event ended surpassing the limit of 150,000 visitors in a unique exhibition, which, over the years, and in its various stages, has contributed significantly to the dissemination of Flemish painting in Italy and in the world.

Villa Olmo (Como) Palazzo Albergati (Bologna), passing through the Chiostro del Bramante (Rome), the Brueghels enchanted with their charm over a million fans, without calculating the exhibition’s stages around the world.

For our part, we are proud to have participated in an event of such importance and we intend in the future to repeat the experience in the belief that our passion is our job and that our job should be your passion.


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