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Our Philosophy

Discovery at 360°

We prefer works that offer discoveries in terms of style, author and content. Unknown works, of private origin, requiring new studies.

Our deep knowledge of art market dynamics blends with the ability to value a work through a network of direct contacts with major museums of the world and with the most  important international art historians. To discover is to value.

Such choices are dictated by the decision to place our customers at the center of our operations and to discover their requirements as collectors. Selections are made based on specific characteristics, by establishing a warm and close relationship with those who choose to approach us. To discover is to discover oneself.

A major field of interest for our gallery is the “Arcana Mundi.” “Other” dimensions in painting are sometimes specifically represented through topics connected with esoterism, the occult, dystopia, mysticism, the grotesque, the erotic, and the fantastic.

Collectors wishing to discover these worlds may contact us: Discovery is to discover.

Our exhibition space is for you, we don’t need it.

Display spaces today are sources of increasing expenses, which many galleries add to customers’ purchases.

We wish to offer art works based on their fair market value, without adding costs extraneous to the value of the objects themselves. Our display spaces are available by appointment for targeted customer meetings for which we organize specific events in Italy and abroad, always with precise focus on topics and content.

The choice of whether or not to participate in art fairs is also dictated by a scrupulous appraisal of the events’ quality/cost ratio, which must in no way affect asking prices. Viewing the works is your choice and must be your pleasure.

Specificity is uniqueness.

Mass-market offers are not for us. We are convinced that higher competence brings the best results.

Caretto means “Flemish art” since 1911. Four generations of gallery owners have dedicated themselves to northern European painting, giving us matchless business and cultural authority and expertise in this area.

Occhinegro is the author of the only specialist study (Bocconi) on the financial dynamics of the Old Masters market, supplying work instruments and methods not available to other galleries.

Our works and choices are always intentional and are never passive.

TEFAF - Maastricht 2022, 24.06.2022 | 30.06.2022

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