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Flemish, dutch and german old master painting, from 15th to 17th century

The high degree of specialization in this sector made the Gallery the unmatched Italian leader and an international reference point both for the market and for historical-artistic studies focused on the Northern old masters. The outstanding quality of the artworks proposed by the Gallery opens the doors to steady collaborations in creating public exhibitions both as lenders and as technical consultants.

The Gallery focuses on a few selected fair events, including TEFAF and BIAF. But its priority is devoting itself to the valorisation and the critical examination of the individual paintings and their related themes.



Massimiliano Caretto and Francesco Occhinegro

They are the very soul of the Gallery, founded by them with passion and deep love for art. Together, they strived to build a reality attentive to multiple aspects: from cultural contributions to newspapers and academic magazines, from the in-depth study of the most relevant trends of the Old Masters market. All of this makes Caretto & Occhinegro one of the most attentive galleries to the evolution of the market.



Our Philosophy

The Discovery

Our working method favours artworks whose characteristics express a discovery in terms of style, author and content. Never-before-seen works of private origin, in need of new studies.

With us, a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the art market is combined with the ability to give value to an artwork through a network of direct contacts with the major museums in the world and with the most important art historians at an international level. To discover is to give value.

These choices are dictated by the decision to place customers at the centre of our work and to learn what their collecting needs are: a selection created due to specific characteristics, to establish a relationship of affinity and brotherhood with those who choose to contact us. To discover is to discover oneself.



The Space

The way you look at things is what is most important: seeing is feeling with your eyes.

Space – be it the physical one of a fair or an exhibition or the mental one of a narrative – is the place where the viewer and what is looked at must interact, testing the honesty of their wishes and the effectiveness of intentions with which the objects were created. This makes our works your choice and this choice an experience. To do this, we have created a special space at the Antonello Colonna Resort, where you can arrange a real private stay with us in the company of art, or come and visit us at the international fairs we take part in, such as TEFAF.



The Taste

We don’t believe in a mainstream offering.

We are confident that the best results are achieved where the skills are most excellent. Whether they are destined to museums or beginners, our paintings are always deliberate choices, mirroring a taste that has represented a new canon for collectors and a new way of experiencing the Old Masters.


TEFAF - Maastricht 2022, 24.06.2022 | 30.06.2022

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