News and Events

Modenantiquaria 2018

Modena, 10 - 18 February 2018. Booth C3, section Il Guercino. Galleria Caretto & Occhinegro is pleased to participate for the first time to Modenantiquaria, the most important annual Italian event focused on the world of art and antiques.

Copper. The Medium of Flemish Art

Turin 07.11.2017-23.12.2017 - The exhibition by Caretto&Occhinegro is configured as a cross-digression in to the Nordic Painting, without a focus on a single artist or on a specific subject, prefering another point of view and choosing to present a selection of artwork to enhance the aesthetic qualities of copper and its usefulness to the formal values of Flemish Art: brightness, minuteness of details, glazed surfaces, the freshness of the stroke, formal and chromatic pleasantness.

Flashback. All art is contemporary. 2 - 5 November 2016, Turin

Flashback | All art is contemporary is the event dedicated to ancient and modern art that reaches – in 2017 – its fifth edition. The name of the event incorporates contents and intentions. On the one side the name: FLASHBACK, i.e. the retrospection – through which the event moves the past into the present – and on the other side the exhibition project: ALL ART IS CONTEMPORARY, which is inspired by Gino De Dominicis’ conceptual research on the theme of immortality and underlines and stigmatizes the “contemporaneity” of the experience of when the artwork is enjoyed.

Painting’s donation to the Museum of Jewish Heritage of New York

Caretto&Occhinegro gallery is glad to announce the donation of a painting to the Museum of Jewish Heritage of New York. The official act of donation has been on February 8, 2017. The painting represent “A Young Man as Bacchus” and was realized by the dutch artist Jan Franse Verzijl probably in 1630. The donation is the consequence of a collaboration between Caretto&Occhinegro and the FBI, into a larger project who include a series of art’s restitutions with the intent to reconstruct the collection of Max Stern.

Flashback. All art is contemporary. 3 - 6 November 2016, Turin

FLASHBACK hosts the best ancient and modern art galleries with the highest quality, which, selected on the basis of the importance of the exhibited artworks, represent change, transformation and originality.